Exploring the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

IMG 8750 Exploring the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

Emperor in One of the Depictions in the Museum in Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

To build a decent tourist attraction, you need to have a viewing deck. Once people get bored of the view, you need a restaurant there to get them to spend money on. The Chenghuang Temple also has a fancy restaurant in one of the levels of the temple. In fact, they even have a nice outdoor seating area where you can enjoy the view of the city from the comfort of the restaurant. I don’t know how comfortable it would be if it was very cold outside though. We didn’t get the chance to see the view at night, but I have a feeling my friends don’t plan on coming back here.

IMG 8752 Exploring the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

Impressive Illustrations at the Museum in Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

The Chenghuang Temple also has a museum component where they display various artifacts which relate to the history of the temple. Although the temple itself is quite new, the location of the temple played a significant part in the history of the area, particularly when Hangzhou was still known as Lin An 临安 when it was capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. The museum has various illustrations on the history of Wushan depicting the participation of the emperor himself in its history. The imperial city was actually just a stone’s throw away from here and it wouldn’t be a surprise to know that the emperor frequented this place.

[xmlgm {http://www.worldwanderings.net/kml/ChenghuangTemple.kmz} zoom=19]

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