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Heading Back to Beijing 北京 from Chengde 承德

The Xumifushou Temple was easy enough to explore since it was tiny, it was just as well, since there were busloads of tourists coming to visit the temple. As for…

Inside the Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙

I needed to breeze through the Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙 since it was getting quite late in the afternoon, I still need to catch the bus back to Beijing. Fortunately for…

Exploring the Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙

From the looks of it, the Xumifushou Temple is much smaller than the Putuozongcheng Temple. This is actually perfect for me, since I was already tired from all that walking….

Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙

When emperors give gifts expect them to be grand. When Emperor Qianlong celebrating his 70th birthday, the Panchen Lama of Tibet paid him a visit in celebration of this occasion….