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Exploring the Beauty of Zhou Zhuang by Boat

Although I was a bit reluctant to spend money for the boat ride, I found myself enjoying it more and more. It really is different if you travel with friends….

Exploring the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

To build a decent tourist attraction, you need to have a viewing deck. Once people get bored of the view, you need a restaurant there to get them to spend…

Drum Tower 鼓楼 at Hefang Street 河坊街

Drum Tower Pagoda

There seemed to be a lot of activity beyond the drum tower, most prominently, there was a lively night market just outside the walls of the drum tower. The market…

Going Through the Drum Tower 鼓楼

Drum Tower 鼓楼 at Hefang Street 河坊街

Part of Hangzhou City used to be the imperial capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. Back then it was known as Lin An 临安. Hangzhou City now is much larger…