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Exploring Suzhou Times Square 苏州圆融时代广场

Suzhou Times Square is where we will be having dinner tonight. However, the restaurant we were planning to eat at was still full and we will have to wait around…

This One Looks More Korean Than Japanese

Watami Japanese Restaurant

The place where I work isn’t exactly the best place to have lunch. It does, however, have a decent hawker center where my colleagues and I usually go for lunch….

Is This a Drink?

Drinks at Max Brenner

Visitors are one of the things which get me out of the my daily routine. Everyday is almost the same thing until someone decides to drop by, not that I’m…

Refreshing Drink at PS Cafe

Lunch at PS Cafe

It is not everyday that I have someone coming over to stay over for a few days. A dear friend of mine had a few days to spare and decided…