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Elderly Folk Dancing the Afternoon Away in Kunming 昆明

Around the Hostel in Kunming 昆明

Although I didn’t really do anything the whole day so far but sit. I was quite tired from half a day of travelling. I was fortunate I didn’t have to…

Marker at that Marks the Start of the Ancient Town 古城原

Heading Back to Lijiang Ancient Town 丽江古城

The Black Dragon Pool Park was certainly very pleasant. It was just unfortunate to me that I was not able to see the park in it full and renowned beauty….

Jade Water Dragon Palace in the Dragon 玉水龙宫 God Temple 龙神寺

Inside the Dragon God Temple 龙神寺

I was quite surprised to see another temple here at the Black Dragon Pool Park. The first one was the Five Phoenix Pavillion, while the second one is the Dragon…

Closer Look at the Five Phoenix Pavillion 五凤楼 at Black Dragon Pool 黑龙潭

Exploring the Five Phoenix Pavillion 五凤楼

The Five Phoenix Pavillion isn’t that large, however it has a nice location at the foot of Elephant Hill. This gives the structures at the rear of the temple complex…