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Boarding the Zest Air Flight to Puerto Princesa City

Leaving Via Zest Air

It has been ages since I have last seen the old domestic airport in Manila. I can’t remember if I have even been inside but what I finally did, I…

Passenger Drop Off Point at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal Four

Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal Four

Whenever I am in the Philippines, I always try to make it a point to go out of town. Staying too long in a city can be stifling, especially for…

The Raw Beef with Marinade at Gyubou Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

Gyubou Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

I had a week’s stay in Manila and I intended to make the most of it, so did my friend who agreed to meet with me that night. Conveniently enough…

Port of Melaka

Since the arrival of the Europeans at Melaka, the place has grown in prominence as a trading port. At its height numerous ships were docked at the Port of Melaka….