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High Speed Train from Beijing 北京 to Tianjin 天津

It was the day I needed to leave China. I was at the Beijing South Railway Station to take my high speed train from Beijing to the municipality of Tianjin….

Riding at the Beijing South Railway Station 北京南站

It was the end of my trip in China, at least for now. I will be leaving the country but I will go to another city to take my flight….

Last Dinner at Beijing 北京

I will be leaving Beijing the next day and I basically spent the days just wandering around Wangfujing. I didn’t really seem just there as I just spent the rest…

Zhajiang Noodles 炸酱面 at Wangfujing 王府井

I didn’t have anything scheduled for the day, I have already visited the CCTV Headquarters which I missed the previous trip. Now I have time to spend just wandering around…