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Chaolong at an Eatery in El Nido

Vietnamese Dinner at El Nido

With the growth of El Nido as a tourist destination, costs of staying here have steadily increased. I haven’t been here in a while so I was surprised to see…

No After Sunset Light Show at Corong-corong in El Nido

Corong-corong Sunset Chasing

One may say that sunsets are pretty much the same wherever you go. But actually it really depends on where you are. In some locations, the atmosphere is clear and…

Postcard Photo of Corong-corong in El Nido

Idyllic Corong-corong

The sand at Corong-corong isn’t exactly the best white sand I have ever seen but I like how the islands of the Bacuit archipelago can be easily seen here. In…

Islands of the Bacuit Archipelago at Corong-corong

Tranquility of Corong-corong in El Nido

When I first visited El Nido a few years back, I only knew of the main town of El Nido, and I didn’t really venture much beyond the beach area….