Going to King John’s Castle

Pre-Norman Settlement at King John's Castle

Pre-Norman Settlement at King John’s Castle

It seems that the city center of Limerick has a lot of history that went with it. I didn’t really know much about the history of Ireland itself, but it seems that a lot of the roots of modern Ireland and how it is right now can be found here. I tried to visit Saint Mary’s Cathedral in the pouring rain, obviously I didn’t enjoy it that much since the weather was that bad. There was hardly any shelter either as I scampered from place to place. I figured that surely one of the major landmarks of Limerick would have shelter.

Pre-Norman Excavations at King John's Castle

Pre-Norman Excavations at King John’s Castle

King John’s Castle is probably Limerick’s largest monument. It is a large fortress like castle along the banks of the river Shannon. When I was looking for the Hunt Museum, I remember seeing the large castle but I knew I would be visiting it soon. The castle is on what is appropriately named King’s Island and it dominates the area there. I was hoping to find some shelter near the castle but there wasn’t anyway. The only way to keep dry was to go in the castle. Good thing I intended to visit this place in the first place.

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