JP Clarke’s Country Pub

Seafood Meal at JP Clarke's Country Pub

Seafood Meal at JP Clarke’s Country Pub

I think I was done exploring Bunratty Castle. I actually liked my visit. I was glad that it was just climb up yet another old castle. There were other sights within the park and that made for a more interesting visit. Now that that was done, it was time for lunch. I didn’t plan on where I would be for lunch so I just tried looking something up. I was told that Gallagher’s Seafood restaurant would be a good bet to eat here. However, knowing that this was a tourist area, I expect that prices would be higher. It was still drizzling at that time but I walked around the park to the other side where the restaurant was supposed to be. In hindsight, I wondered why I didn’t just drive there.

Inside JP Clarke's Country Pub

Inside JP Clarke’s Country Pub

Anyway, when I got there, I got confused, there were two restaurants, one looked like an Irish thatched cottage and the other was a more modern country pub with the name JP Clarke’s Country Pub. The modern country pub was open while the cottage wasn’t. I wasn’t sure if the JP Clarke’s Country Pub and Gallagher’s were one an the same as the door do the cottage didn’t seem to be open. I went in the modern county pub anyway and grabbed myself some lunch. The meal itself wasn’t terribly satisfying if it weren’t for the bread. The restaurant itself was nice and was soon populated by American tourists. When I got out of the restaurant, I discovered that the cottage doors were open. It seemed that I got there too early, even if it said that they open at noon. Oh well.

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