The Original Durty Nelly’s

Durty Nelly's Bar and Restaurant Outside Bunratty Castle

Durty Nelly’s Bar and Restaurant Outside Bunratty Castle

I think I have completed my exploration of Bunratty Castle. This was one the way to Limerick city and was recommended by my good friend. It was actually quite interesting as it doesn’t only show the castle itself but it also shows you the castle surroundings. One might be surprised to know that there is an establishment in the area which has been around the 1600s and it is every bit as important to the castle as the castle itself. In fact, you can say the establishment has outlived the castle itself since it is still serving its original purpose.

Durty Nelly's Bar and Restaurant

Durty Nelly’s Bar and Restaurant

The Original Durty Nelly’s Bar and Restaurant was the original village inn. Any self respecting Irish village will have a inn of its own. The inn is actually outside the walls of the Bunratty Castle and Folk Park but it is just a stone’s throw away from the castle itself. The people of the castle would come and have drinks here just as people from all over Ireland still do. I have heard of this name before and I think a lot of Irish pubs around the world have this name. It is actually named after the proprietor of the bar. Legend has it that she was a very clever woman and able to eke a living whatever the economic conditions, including charging a toll to cross the river which happens to flow outside the bar. The bar was established in 1620 and it is almost an incredible 400 years old. It is difficult to think of any establishment still running after all this time, except maybe the church.

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