Doctor’s House at Bunratty Folk Park

Doctor's House in Bunratty Folk Park

Doctor’s House in Bunratty Folk Park

The Village Street here at Bunratty Folk Park much more interesting that most of the park. There were other structures here with show how life was back then. The village street wasn’t that long but it is effectively the central part of the village. There were shops for visitors such as hotels and restaurants. There were also shops for the people who live in the village like the post office. One house there was special because it house what is one of the more important people in the village – the doctor. The doctor’s house is towards the end of the village street and it is really a house rather than a shop, unlike the others.

Inside the Doctor's House in Bunratty Folk Park

Inside the Doctor’s House in Bunratty Folk Park

I wasn’t sure if it was interesting but I went in anyway. I was surprised to see a lot of people in the sitting room of the house. Apparently, this was where the doctor held consultations. There was a “doctor” there talking about stuff that can be seen in the office. He was a rather old man but you can see the zeal of presenting to visitors the interesting points of life as a doctor here in the village. After his talk, people can visit other parts of the house, again, limited to looking through the door.

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