Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis

Cafe 't Galgenhuis

Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis

The sights in Ghent were pretty much easy to find. After all, most of them are already at the city center and one could just walk about the city center to appreciate the historical architecture of Ghent. But what is arguably more difficult is to know where to eat or in this case drink. A colleague of mine frequents Ghent supposedly for drinking. I was given a list of pubs I should visit when in Ghent. Most of them were all in the city center so we should be able to make short work of them. Perhaps the easier one to visit is the Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis. It is near the river and the bridge which leads to the Gravensteen.

Seating Inside the Cafe 't Galgenhuis

Seating Inside the Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis

We passed by this pub in a previous visit to Ghent but I was in no mood to drink since we were busy trying to stay dry. Today is a much better day. What one would immediately notice about Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis was how tiny this place actually is. It has two stories but seating area is very scarce. This mainly due to the shape of the building which effectively gives you only a table and a half as floor of seating. Despite its tiny space, we were able to find seats inside no doubt due to the fact that it was mid afternoon. I was still trying to finish my frites and I ordered a beer with it. We had a Gulden Draak and a Gentse Tripel, both of which are local beers in Ghent. I won’t pretend I know how to describe beers so I won’t. The ambience in the Cafe ‘t Galgenhuis is not particularly nice but I guess it still worth a visit for the sheer novelty of the place.

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