Saint Bavo’s Cathedral

Saint Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent

Saint Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent

From the top of the belfry of Ghent you can see the rest of the the city. In particular you can see the two nearby churches which thankfully did not obstruct the view of the town. Now that we are done exploring the belfry, we can start exploring the nearby churches. We didn’t get to do this previous time we were here since it was raining quite heavily. Fortunately, we got another shot a visiting Ghent and we are trying to make the most of it. Our next stop if the nearby cathedral of Saint Bavo. I have never heard of this saint before and it seems that he is a local saint of the Catholic Church. His life story is similar to Saint Francis of Assisi where he gave up his wealth when he converted to Christianity. He has since lived as a monk.

Inside Saint Bavo's Cathedral in Ghent

Inside Saint Bavo’s Cathedral in Ghent

This cathedral is in Ghent is dedicated to Saint Bavo, though he wasn’t born in Ghent. The cathedral seemed to be large but it seemed the facade was under renovation. It has gotten to be a problem where a lot of the places we visit turned out to be closed due to renovation. Fortunately, Saint Bavo’s Cathedral was open for visitors. I guess what would be immediately noticed is how massive the tower of the cathedral is. It is actually just slightly shorter than the belfry of Ghent. I wasn’t aware if it is possible to go up the tower but I would assume that it is not possible to go up there. The interiors of the cathedral would be enough to keep us busy.

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