Drinks in Antwerp

Triple D'Anvers in Antwerp

Triple D’Anvers in Antwerp

All that walking has made me tired. The old town center of Antwerp in Belgium is a delight to explore. There are a lot of places which are very well preserved and at the same time, it doesn’t feel like a museum town where the whole place is frozen in time. It feels old but classy at the same time. It is quite difficult to describe. One thing is that there are shops everywhere. Before we set off for another part of the town, we decided to go for a couple of drinks.

Inside a Bar in Antwerp

Inside a Bar in Antwerp

Like the rest of Belgium, it seems that Antwerp also has their own local beers. It is really amazing how much variety there is since Belgium isn’t that big a country. Antwerp has a local brewery, which happened to offer brewery tours, and of course, their beers are sold here. I don’t remember seeing any of them in Brussels. So maybe they don’t make too much of them? We had a De Konick and a Triple D’Anvers. I have never heard of these beers before but they seem to be quite nice. The bar was a small but bright bar. I think it was still early which is why there are not a lot of patrons, in fact their daughter seems to be doing her homework there.

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