La Chaloupe d’Or

La Chaloupe d'Or

La Chaloupe d’Or

It was getting late into the night and my friend’s concert isn’t over yet. I was already feeling chilly walking around the Brussels City Center and I just wanted to sit around and relax. It is a vacation after all so I think need to do this once in a while. I ended up in the Grand Place area. There were no lights that night at the Grand Place for some reason, I wasn’t sure if there is a schedule for that. I was looking for a place to wait and I happened to spot one. The only reason why I thought of going there was that the interiors looked really cozy and they have lit a fire! I guess it was nice to try these kinds of places once in a while.

Affligem Beer in La Chaloupe d'Or in Brussels

Affligem Beer in La Chaloupe d’Or in Brussels

The La Chaloupe d’Or is a restaurant bar right at the Grand Place and it seems to be a perfect place to soak in the Brussels City Center. Already, it seems that they were just getting ready to close. The food plates they have on display were already being stowed away in the kitchen. I wasn’t really up for food I think it would have been nice to eat here if only for the ambience. Seems that Bush beer didn’t have much effect on me, so I ordered a different one this time – Affligem which is another abbey beer which Belgium seems to have a large amount of. It didn’t take long for me to wait since the concert was finally over and my friend came to meet up here. We had another round of beers before calling it a night.

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