Saint Michael’s Church in Ghent

Main Entrance of Saint Michael's Church in Ghent

Main Entrance of Saint Michael’s Church in Ghent

We decided to take a tourist circuit of Ghent. There are a few interesting spots in the map and we practically have been following them even without a map. At least now we will have names attached to the photos. The latest spot in our tour is Saint Michael’s Church. This is a Catholic church built along the river Leie. The problem with churches this old is that the history becomes confusing. There used to be an older church on in site. Old churches have a perplexing ability to burn down. Thus a newer structure was built in its place. From the front, it doesn’t look too impressive but the the rest of church gives it a feeling of being large.

Side of Saint Michael's Church in Ghent

Side of Saint Michael’s Church in Ghent

The design of the church is Gothic and I think these kinds of designs go well with medieval towns. I didn’t get a chance to go in the church since the doors seem to be closed. There are sacred relics in the church including one from the “true cross”. Despite being Catholic, I have my reservations in these kinds of things. It is difficult to believe that such a relic exists. However, as they say, one would not need things like that to believe. It would be incredible though if that were the case.

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