La Grand-Place at Night

King's House at La Grand-Place at Night

King’s House at La Grand-Place at Night

After that unfortunate incident at the Coin de Mer restaurant where we got suckered into ordering too much, we didn’t really have much appetite to do anything. We practically spent two days budget on that meal. We just have to chalk that up to experience. We were on the move again and we were trying to find a place to have some drinks. Surely, there is a good place to do that here in Brussels. Unfortunately, I would have researched that, but I was too busy to worry about the trip even up to the night before the trip. Anyway, enough about that. We happened to walk right back to the La Grand-Place.

Guildhalls at La Grand-Place at Night

Guildhalls at La Grand-Place at Night

Darkness was already setting in but there was still a little light in the sky enough to turn the sky blue. The buildings at La Grand-Place were already lit up and it made for a magical sight. I loved how the sky was still not that black yet to gives a little more color to the photos. Surprisingly, there weren’t as much people here in the square as it was earlier in the day. Not that it matters to me since I was taking photos of the buildings and not the people. I just stood there admiring the beautiful buildings. Even the guildhalls were lit up. Their golden accents almost glowing. I thought to myself that I could go home now that I have seen this, and it was just the first day!

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