Saint Mary’s Church in Cong

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows by the Altar at Saint Mary's Church in Cong

Beautiful Stained Glass Windows by the Altar at Saint Mary’s Church in Cong

I was looking forward to visiting the small village of Cong which was named as one of the most beautiful villages in Ireland. Unfortunately, it was combined with the worst weather in Ireland that it made for a miserable visit. The rain wasn’t stopping to the point that the river which runs through the village is swollen. The river seems to be bursting at the seams that any moment it would start to overflow. I thought it would have made a very nice walk along the river banks if it the weather was good. So we decided to just go indoors. Where exactly to do you go indoors to in a place like this?

Lovely Little Saint Mary's Church in Cong

Lovely Little Saint Mary’s Church in Cong

The nearest indoor place here was the Saint Mary’s Church. Saint Mary’s Church sits among the ruins of the old abbey and the structure looks very new. It seems to be a bit out of place here among the ruins. I would have preferred it if they built in a different location. Anyway, this is probably the driest place around apart from the car, so we made a dash for it. I was surprised with the design of the church inside. It looked well lit inside. With the ceiling letting a lot of external light into the church. The altar is also adorned by a beautiful stained glass. I thought it was a wonderful place to have some personal time. I think it is a good complement to the beautiful setting of the church itself. If only the weather were better.

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