Ailwee Cave

Skeletal Remains of a Bear Found in Ailwee Cave

Skeletal Remains of a Bear Found in Ailwee Cave

I wasn’t expecting to be visiting a cave here in the Burren. Then again, should have expected it. The Burren is a large limestone formation and it is inevitable that there would be caves here. There Ailwee Cave was relatively recently discovered. A farmer followed his dog into the cave, but the farmer didn’t tell anyone of the place until thirty years later. It is safe to say that it has been relatively untouched for a long time. However, it has since been turned into a tourist attraction. The way into the cave has been made much safer. There is a path that tourists take around the cave and out.

A Bear's Nest at Ailwee Cave

A Bear’s Nest at Ailwee Cave

There is an entrance fee to go in the cave. There is a large waiting area for visitors where they will wait until their turn has come. Visitors will go in batches to limit the number of people in the cave. There is also a guide who will bring you around the cave. It isn’t really that difficult to explore the cave. Since there is only one path around the cave. One might want to venture into the less developed areas but it would be difficult. Major sites here have been lit up such as a bear’s nest as well as a bear’s bones. It seems bears inhabited this area since it is relatively warmer in here compared to the outside. There wasn’t evidence of human habitation though.

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