Saint Columba’s Church in Carran

Saint Columba's Church in Carran

Saint Columba’s Church in Carran

The Burren is a large karst landscape which is spread over a large area. There are several places to see in this area. Most trips at the Burren are self drive ones and there is a lot of area to cover. We decided to just go for the most common route which is shown in the map. There were a few important places to see here in the map so we decided to see those. The drive is through beautiful country scenery. Fortunately for us, it was a clear day and still not too cold. Houses here were quite sparse. It was almost like we were just passing through the place.

Inside Saint Columba's Church in Carran

Inside Saint Columba’s Church in Carran

We come upon a village called Carran and they had a small church. This area is probably the busiest place around these parts and is probably the best place to set up a church. The church, Saint Columba’s Church, was surprisingly old having built in the year 1861 but it is still in remarkably good condition. It seems that it is in constant use, but considering the remoteness of this place I wonder how many people use it. There was nothing special about the insider of the church. It was nice and bright we two columns of pews. Even though I said that this was the busiest place in the area. I only said that because there seem to be more houses here. I didn’t see any people apart from us.

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