Keanes Restaurant

Roast Beef at Keanes Restaurant at Oranmore

Roast Beef at Keanes Restaurant at Oranmore

We finally arrived in Galway, or rather Oranmore which is a village just ouside of Galway. Our bed and breakfast is in this village and I thought it was a nice place. We chatted with the owner and found out that there were a few nice eating places here. It was almost lunch time so we thought we should just go for an early lunch so we can see the sights earlier. Days were shorter so we won’t have time to explore too much. Oranmore is just a small village but it has a lot of conveniences nearby including supermarkets and of course restaurants. We quickly head out to the town center where it was far busier and found Keanes Restaurant.

Can't Remember What This was

Can’t Remember What This was

Keanes Restaurant was recommended to us by the owner and we wanted to try it out. I had a simple roast of the day which wasn’t really anything groundbreaking. Roast of the day is roast beef with vegetables and chips. It is pretty standard fare in Irish pubs so I think it would be very hard for me to find something which is different. I think they just roast some beef slice it and pour gravy on it. It is not really difficult to make. There is a lot of seating room in restaurant but it was lunch time so it wasn’t even half full. There are a lot of other restaurants in the area but we won’t be able to try them. Perhaps roast of the day doesn’t do Keanes justice since it is quite common fare, I would probably try other stuff to be able to decide.

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