In Search of Philadelphia Cheese Steak

Pat's King of Steaks in Philadelphia

Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia

Although it may seem that I was randomly walking around the city of Philadelphia. I actually had a plan in mind. I was actually in search of food! Now, the United States is a melting pot of cultures so I might be difficult to find something truly American. However, few places in the country have become associated with a specific kind of food. One of these places is Philadelphia. You might probably guess that I was in search of Philadelphia Cheese Steak also known as cheese steak sandwich. It is known all over the world and I have eaten it elsewhere. I’m not a huge fan of bread but if this was something which is the specialty of the place, then I don’t mind trying it out. After all, it still has steak in it.

Gene's Steaks at Philadelphia

Gene’s Steaks at Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Cheese Steak is a relatively recent invention. In the 1930s, Pat and Harry Olivieri had a hotdog stand. Having hotdogs everyday can be very boring to they decided to make something different with chopped beef and onions. As they were munching away, a cab driver saw them as also wanted one of those. He so liked the sandwich that he told them to get rid of the hotdog stand and sell this instead. Almost 90 years later, Pat’s Cheese steak sandwich store still stand it is a landmark. Rivals have sprung up beside it though and it is still argued about who’s sandwich is the better one.

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