Exploring the Rest of Hezlett House

Sitting Room at Hezlett House

Sitting Room at Hezlett House

Despite its size, Hezlett House is packed of interesting things to see. This is basically a window into how people back then lived in what is essentially a Victorian farmhouse. We passed by through the sleeping quarters as well as had a good look at the roof, which I thought was immensely interesting. The tour of the Hazlett House ends by going back down to the ground floor and passing by the what seems to be a sitting room. This room even has furnishings from back then, including a working piano. You can see that the house isn’t really very polished but it is quite attractive. Some parts of the ceiling seem to alarmingly sag in the middle. I doubt that it was done by design, however, it hasn’t really collapsed nor is it in any danger of collapsing.

Children's Bedroom at Hezlett House

Children’s Bedroom at Hezlett House

The sitting room connects to two bed rooms. Both of the rooms are tiny and can barely fit a full sized bed. The other room seems to be a children’s bedroom, so the beds are much smaller making the rooms a big more spacious. I don’t see any sign of central heating and that might mean that the only heat they get here is the heat from the fireplace. I was told that the walls of the house are very thick and they tend to retain heat, so even if it is freezing outside, it is still quite tolerable inside the house.

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