Castel Sant’Angelo at Night

Walking Towards the Castel Sant'Angelo at Night

Walking Towards the Castel Sant’Angelo at Night

By the time we finished dinner, it ws finally dark. I have always wanted to take night shots in these beautiful cities but was unable to for one reason or another. Incredibly enough, I missed getting night shots in Paris. This time, I was determined to have get my night shots. Rome has a lot of beautiful monuments and I’m sure a lot of them would be lit up and night. Somehow we decided to retrace our steps and we ended up at Castel Sant’Angelo. It is just as well since there were a lot of important buildings in the area.

Castel Sant'Angelo at Night

Castel Sant’Angelo at Night

The Castel Sant’Angelo was gloriously lit up. It is already closed for the day but the lights were on. It was nice walk to see the Castel Sant’Angelo from the bridge which crosses the River Tiber. There weren’t as many people here at the Castel Sant’Angelo but still enough to get in my photos. There was some kind of construction going on at the site at that time and I spent some time just watching the people work. I guess, there was no other time that they can do any repairs since the place is full of people in the day time.

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