Walking Along the River Tiber

Along the River Tiber in Rome

Along the River Tiber in Rome

From the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo, you could see one of the oldest features of Rome. The River Tiber is said to be where the city was founded, so you could say that this is the cradle of Roman civilization. Rome was basically built along the banks of this river so I think it was worthwhile to explore this place. Thankfully, there seems to be an easy way to explore it. While you can walk along the road which runs along the river, it is best to get up close to see the river.

Beautiful Ponte Sant'Angelo Bridge Along the River Tiber

Beautiful Ponte Sant’Angelo Bridge Along the River Tiber

Visitors can go down a flight of stairs to reach the river itself. There is a nice path which was built along the river. On both sides of the river there are very high walls which probably help to prevent and overflowing of the river, however, I thought that it was a bit too high to serve that purpose. The only reason I can think of is that Rome has been built on top of previous settlements, so it is not really surprising that the current city is now higher that it was. The good thing is the any previous ruins could probably still be intact since everyone was just building on top of the other. As for the river, it is still here and it seems to be clean. I didn’t see any fish though.

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