Lunch at the Stag’s Head

Beautiful Interiors of the Stag's Head

Beautiful Interiors of the Stag’s Head

There is no doubt that there are a multitude of choices for food here at the Dublin city center. This is a far cry from the handful of restaurants present the town where I stay. I have tried a few international restaurants here, the Indian restaurant was good, the Japanese restaurant was terrible, I really hope I have better luck with the restaurants here since they are not cheap at all. I would have thought that the intense competition here would have brought down the prices but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Beef Casserole at the Stag's Head in Dublin

Beef Casserole at the Stag’s Head in Dublin

I managed to find myself at a local pub, one of Dublin’s well known ones. This was the Stag’s Head. It is at a quiet part of the city center but still within the shopping district. Upon entry into the pub, you can immediately see how special this place it. The Victorian interiors of the Stag’s Head are a sight to behold and it would be nice to try to pay attention to the detailing of the pub. The host was this jolly fellow who quickly recommended something for me and of course a beer, which he says was from his hometown. He goes one telling everybody how it came from his hometown but I don’t see how it makes the beer any better. I ordered from Beef Casserole and it was smaller than I thought it would be. It was nice nonetheless.

O'Hara's Beer at the Stag's Head in Dublin

O’Hara’s Beer at the Stag’s Head in Dublin

I was at the restaurant at a rather off peak hour, so it was easy enough to get a table of my own here. From the end of the room, I could see the entire pub and could only marvel at how the managed to keep it looking as it did before. As for the name? Yes, there is a real stag’s head behind the bar. Even at this odd hours, there were still a lot of people and even though thought it was strange to be having a beer at two in the afternoon, I did anyway, since this is what you do in pubs. When in Rome…

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