Biddy’s O’Barnes

Inside Biddy's O'Barnes Family Friendly Section

Inside Biddy’s O’Barnes Family Friendly Section

Barnesmore Gap was our latest stop, though it turned out to be quite underwhelming. The gap turned out to be just some space between two mountains, this gap is already occupied by a highway which we used to travel from Letterkenny to Donegal Town. On our way back, we dropped by this pub to see the Barnesmore Gap itself. However, it turns out that the pub would be far more interesting than that gap. Biddy’s O’Barnes is the pub which was curiously set up here. There were, surprisingly, a lot of vehicles parked outside the pub. I suspect that the pub has already become a landmark and the people would be obliged to come here on the way back.

Biddy's O'Barnes Pub in County Donegal

Biddy’s O’Barnes Pub in County Donegal

I could not imagine drinking in a pub on a busy highway would be safe, hopefully people here are safe drivers. The pub itself is a nice quaint pub. There seemed to be two sections, one was for the more rowdy crowd, while the other was more family friendly. There was a large fireplace but it still wasn’t operational, perhaps not cold enough. While I was ordering my tea, a friendly, but very inebriated patron chatted me up. He was obviously tipsy and I do not want to deal with any untoward incidents involving him. I answered his questions, I don’t think he would even remember me, and politely excused myself. The pub itself seems to be quite nice, if only it were in the middle of the highway, getting drinks here would be quite nice, or just make sure you are not the designated driver.

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