Visiting the Yue Fei Temple 岳飞庙 Again

IMG 8843 Visiting the Yue Fei Temple 岳飞庙 Again

Proud Statue of Yue Fei at the Yue Fei Temple 岳飞庙

I never thought that I would be visiting this temple again so soon. Anyway, it was because of my friends’ persuasion that I am in this situation right now. The entrance to the Yue Fei Mausoleum isn’t that much, probably because not a lot of people come to visit this place. It is actually composed of two parts – the mausoleum and the temple. The temple is the more accessible one as it is to the right upon entering the grounds.

IMG 8842 500x333 Visiting the Yue Fei Temple 岳飞庙 Again

Altar on the Way to the Yue Fei Temple 岳飞庙

Just like the last time, there weren’t a lot of people visiting ths temple. I am starting to wonder why, I can only theorize that West Lake has a lot of sights to offer that people don’t all end up in the same place. The statue of Yue Fei stands proud much like a king. Indeed some have conferred him the title of king, and the fact that he was a temple of his own may also mean that he has surpassed even the rank of a king.

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