View from Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

IMG 8743 500x333 View from Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

Restaurant Deck at the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

The Chenghuang Temple sits on top of Wushan which is a small hill near the West Lake. The location of the temple is not a conincidence, as it provides a great view of the surrounding city. The Chenghuang Temple overlooks Hangzhou City as a good city god should. The Chenghuang Temple is a new structure with seven stories of temple. We naturally went to the top of the temple to see how good the view is from there. We weren’t disappointed, the temple can see all the way to the West Lake including the city of Hangzhou itself.

IMG 8739 500x333 View from Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

View of the City of Hangzhou from the Chenghuang Temple 城隍庙

Although the Chenghuang Temple provided a good view, I still think the view from the Leifeng Pagoda is still tops. That one it even closer to the lake. However, the Chenghuang Temple provides a different view of Hangzhou as it is closer to the city. Something tells me the temple was built to be a viewing deck instead of a temple. Normally, temples aren’t that tall, but this one was seven stories high. Anyway, it is still worth a visit.

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