Loading Up for a Busy Day in Hangzhou 杭州

Spring Rolls at Yonghe King Restaurant 永和大王

Spring Rolls at Yonghe King Restaurant 永和大王

Sleeping at the newly renovated Wushanyi International Youth Hostel was nice even though I was just at the dorm rooms. My more moneyed friends had a double room for themselves. We met up and set out early as we have a lot of exploring to do. It wasn’t that cold though but my friend is no longer taking any chances as she did in Shanghai. She was all bundled up and ready to go. First order of business was breakfast. We will be walking a lot so we would need a lot of energy today. Naturally, Hefang Street was the first place was looked.

Porridge at the Yonghe King Restaurant 永和大王

Porridge at the Yonghe King Restaurant 永和大王

Interestingly, the restaurants weren’t open yet, we were thinking of having some dumplings or noodles for breakfast, but they are nowhere to be found. The only ones open are the street side stalls which sell pancakes and dough sticks for breakfast. Unfortunately, my friend will not be goaded into buying such “unsafe” food. She heard of a friend who got felled by something she ate and was ill for two days on an overseas trip. Anyway, I got a couple of dough sticks for myself and was munching along the way while we searched for a proper restaurant.

We ended up at the ever reliable Yonghe King 永和大王 restaurant. One may think of this as something like McDonald’s breakfast, but Chinese style. We had spring rolls, porridge and dumplings which we shared amonst ourselves. My friend was quite satisfied with it, as she managed to finish it. The restaurant doesn’t really serve the cheapest food here but it certainly gives you the confidence to think that the food here is hygenic and properly prepared. Taste is already a bonus.

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