Going Back to China

View of Kuala Lumpur from the Air

View of Kuala Lumpur from the Air

I has been a year since I last travelled but I have talked about it so long in my blog that it only is just a couple of posts away. It was that time of the year again and I needed clear my leaves lest I forfeit them. I didn’t really have any idea where I should be spending my leaves on, South East Asia wasn’t really an option since it was monsoon season, I didn’t know any other place I would be comfortable going to other than China. For me, it is still one of the places which gives the most bang for your buck.

Not Sure Where This is Anymore

Not Sure Where This is Anymore

As usual, I took the Air Asia flight out of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal in Kuala Lumpur. The ride to Kuala Lumpur itself was uneventful but I seemed to have arrived there a bit too early. That was around two in the morning. Fortunately I found a cab who brought me to the KL Sentral, where I took the bus headed to the Low Cost Carrier Teriminal. There seemed to have been a renovation there as there seems to be a bit more space now. No doubt because they are growing by leaps and bounds. I couldn’t sleep at the terminal as it is also full of people.

I didn’t really prepare much for this trip, I only packed all my stuff the previous night. I was supposed to go to Tianjin and then explore the northeast portion of China but a friend of mine convinced me to meet up in Shanghai. So I will be needing to take another flight from Tianjin to Shanghai right after landing. Fortunately, the plane was on time and had time to rest a bit from the journey before embarking on yet another one.

It was very tiring to travel from Singapore to Malaysia then take another flight to where I needed to go. The other budget airlines to China have opened new routes to China, I will probably use them the next time I visit.

[xmlgm {http://www.worldwanderings.net/kml/LowCostCarrierTerminal.kmz} zoom=19]

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