Tourist Mayhem at Yuyuan Gardens 豫园

IMG 6680 Tourist Mayhem at Yuyuan Gardens 豫园

Relaxing Afternoon at the Yuyuan Gardens 豫园

The Yuyuan Gardens is probably one of the most visited places in Shanghai. You can also say that it really deserves to be visited. It is in the old quarter of Shanghai and it a cluster of elegant Ming dynasty buildings complete with garden as the name implies. However, it is more like a shopping center than a garden. Sure there is a small pond with a zigzag bridge, but this place is really crawling with tourists. I don’t see what is so great about shopping here anyway since most of the stuff will probably be overpriced.

IMG 6682 500x333 Tourist Mayhem at Yuyuan Gardens 豫园

The Bridge at the Yuyuan Gardens 豫园

I don’t think the restaurants here are that good either, although there seems to be this dumpling place which has a perpetually long queue outside the store. I didn’t really hang around the Yuyuan Gardens that long since it was quite frustrating to be bumping against loads of people. It would be better if one visited on a weekday as the entire Shanghai seems to come here on weekends.

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