Heading Back to Beijing 北京 from Chengde 承德

Outside the Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙

Outside the Xumifushou Temple 须弥福寿之庙

The Xumifushou Temple was easy enough to explore since it was tiny, it was just as well, since there were busloads of tourists coming to visit the temple. As for me, I took the bus that goes directly to the bus station. It was actually quite convenient that I was able to find these buses since I could same a bundle of money on transportation. The last time I took a cab here, the cabbie asked me how much I wanted to give.

I Think I Need an Ultrawide Angle Lens

I Think I Need an Ultrawide Angle Lens

The bus station was the last station of the bus so there were no worried when to get off. I quickly purchased a ticket back to Beijing which costs CNY 75 and there was a waiting bus ready to leave. I asked permission to go to the toilet since I really needed to go and they agreed to wait for me. When I got out, I was horrified to find out that the bus has already left! The lady at the bus station told me to run after the bus which was still outside the bus station. I actually made it and boarded the bus, but not after getting a scolding from the driver. Whatever, at least I got my bus back.

Although the bus didn’t take the highway initially, he took a route which later joined the expressway, had the driver gotten on the expressway right away it would have been expensive. I couldn’t really care less anymore since I was already very tired and I was relieved to be heading back to Beijing. That day was a very tiring but fullfilling day, it was no Great Wall of China but it was still impressive. If you are in the Beijing area and you have time to spare you might want to pay the Mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Temples a visit. Just make sure that your bus uses the expressway to come here.

[xmlgm {http://www.worldwanderings.net/kml/XumifushouTemple.kmz} zoom=19]

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