Morning at Shwedagon Paya

IMG 5607 Morning at Shwedagon Paya
Grand Entrance of the Shwedagon Paya

With one more day in Yangon before my flight out I didn’t really know what do anymore. Sure, there are a lot of things you can do in Yangon, but only if there are no people on the streets just waiting to soak you with water and still think it is okay. I wasn’t really satisfied with my photos of the famed Shwedagon Paya the previous night so I decided to pay the pagoda another visit. This time, instead of walking all the way to the pagoda, I uncharacteristically took a cab. Fortunately, cabs are still operational even though public transport out of the city is at a standstill.

IMG 5655 Morning at Shwedagon Paya
Hosing the Marble Floors of the Shwedagon Paya

I managed to get there quite early and I still had they previous day’s sticker with me, so I waved the sticker at them and they let me in. Whew, at least I don’t need to pay another six dollars. There weren’t too many people at the pagoda at that time and there was even a crew cleaning up the marble floor of the pagoda. That is quite a lot of floor to cover for them since the complex is vast. They were basically hosing the flooring to make sure that it is clean since everyone needs to walk barefoot here.

IMG 5679 Morning at Shwedagon Paya
Cool Monk Feeding the Birds

I think I managed to come here at a very good time since the weather was perfect. There were clouds but the sky was a wonderful shade of blue. This really delighted me no end and I just kept shooting the people there. I chanced upon this monk leaving rice on a statue with a pot which was apparently for the birds or something, either way, he was quite fascinating since he was wearing shades. Somehow, I still have this thinking that monks are supposed to be poor but once in a while I would see monks toting mobile phones. Yes, they were most likely given to them.

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